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Saturday, 7/24/2021

Upcoming Kamayan Dinner

12 ounces Lechon Baboy (Rotisserie Pig over Charcoal)
1 LB Lechon Manok (Cage-Free, Antibiotic Free, Rotisserie Chicken over Charcoal)
6 Lumpia (Egg Rolls mad with local pork from The Meat Shop)
Pancit Bihon (Organic Chicken, Rice Noodles, Vegetables )
Leche Flan-Ultra Rich Filipino Salted Flan with Candied Pig Ears
Rice, Banana Leaves, Achara, and Dipping Sauces

Add On Options Available

-add 4 Lumpia -add Chicken -add Pork
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Ube Pandesal Filled
with Ube Jam and Cheese

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A La Carte

Whole Lechon Manok

Charcoal roasted cage-free rotisserie chicken ,achara, sawsawan,


1 LB Lechon Baboy

Charcoal roasted rotisserie pig, chopped,achara, mang tomas. sawsawan,



Dozen Lumpia- Made with Local Pork (Meat Shop) Achara, Sauce


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